Moving Company Tampa is a great source for all your moving needs. We only employ the best movers who know what they are doing and can help you move without any hassle.


You will always have support with Moving Company Tampa.

If you are going to have a company handling your goods and transporting boxes and furniture you will want experts that are experienced and diligent in this type of work.

We have two ways of billing and we will always work out which is cheaper for you, we can bill by the hour and we can bill a flat day rate price. We do this so our moving services can be 100% tailored for you. Sometimes a move might be small so you will only need our guys for a few hours which make the hour rates the best way to go, other times you might have a huge amount of stuff to move so a onetime flat rate fee will be the way forward.

The great thing about or moving company is we have a big roster of staff that are all working 7 days a week to provide you moving services that are unparalleled to other moving companies. We are in the office at 7am to prepare for the day and making sure the trucks look clean and they are stocked and fueled up ready to come out to you to make that smooth transition to your next home.

As our prices are tailored our staff will discuss the move with you in great detail to get you the best moving price at a rate that will suit you and your bank account. Because we understand if you are moving in to a new rented place you will have to put down a security deposit and furnish the place if it’s bigger. And if you have just bought a place closing costs and renovation, if it needs it can be expensive! So that is why we are there for you to make the price point fair and bring a good feeling about the move.

Should you have stuff that needs to be disposed of we can also help you with that for a small fee, and if you have items that need to be dropped off at a charity shop, just let us know and we will do that for you. We will say that if you have items that might be deemed dangerous to dispose of, we will have to get a specialist in to help with that. Generally that will mean any chemicals that could be corrosive or deemed difficult, like old car oil containers and old pest control or fertilizer as it’s not only a hazard but we want to stay environmentally responsible and keep you and our staff safe from harms way.